Job Description: 

About the Program

MSC continues to invest and lead the worldwide container business with ships, an extensive container fleet, intermodal and dedicated staff for its customers. The Company’s evolution to becoming a leading brand requires a consistency to market. It is therefore paramount to standardize data, processes and management information. With this in mind, MSC has decided to launch the program OneVision, a commitment led by MSC Geneva to review their operation and information systems from a central point.
Within the program OneVision, the OneVision Agency team will lead this transition in all our 150 agencies worldwide by implementing a single operation and information systems. This system will be continuously enriched and revamped on to newer technologies to take advantage of all synchronization capabilities.

The Role
Within the OneVision Agency rollout team and under its governance and methodology guidelines, the Technical Program Management Officer is expected to work with Geneva program’s staff and offshore teams to ensure that the current IT-based products/toolkits (SharePoint Forms, Microsoft Flows, Azure DevOps, Power BI Dashboards, SQL Tables) under the OVA PMO Portfolio work flawlessly and accurately and to further develop and customize the current products or new products based on the requirements of OVA Project Management and PMO Office.

Key Responsibilities
Administrate program management tools (Ex: SharePoint Forms; Azure DevOps; Power BI; Microsoft Flows; SQL Tables; C# Applications, VBA Macros, PowerShell Scripts).

Troubleshoot issues on the Tools.
Develop SharePoint Forms, Microsoft Flows, Power BI Dashboards, VBA Macros, PowerShell Scripts related to the PMO and Project Management Portfolios.

Further developing existing tools under the PMO Portfolio (under C#, ASP, Power BI, SQL, PowerShell).
Developing a stable, smooth, and accurate Power BI Dashboard and its underlying relational database model that will provide accurate and reliable numbers.
Developing C# Applications and/or ASP Forms that are clean, intuitive, easy to use and work smoothly.
Redeveloping/altering the existing tools under PMO Portfolio when a business requirement changes.
Troubleshooting issues and glitches under the existing products.
Identifying the primary cause if any issue/glitch/error under any of the Products mentioned above occurs.
Providing a solution whenever any product fails to run or having issues as soon as possible.
Developing and/or co-developing further tools required by the Management under the OneVision Scope.

Additional Responsibilities
Testing the Products and Tools that are currently being developed under the PMO Portfolio.
Functional and hierarchical Reporting
The position will report to Program Management.
Performance Skills
Coding and Development
Organization and Planning
Listening and Understanding
Decision making and problem solving
Commitment to task
Spoken and written communications
Tolerance of ambiguity
Position to be filled in Chennai.
Qualifications and Experience

(P) = Preferred, (R) = Required
General: - At least 3 years of coding in C# and ASP experience (R)
- Experience in VSTS, Git, and Azure DevOps (R)
- Qualification in project management or equivalent (P)

Technical: - C# Development (MVVM and XAML) (R)
- ASP and CSHTML (R)
- SQL Server development (R)
- Rest API (R)
- PowerShell Scripting (R)
- Sub-versioning in Git and VSTS (P)
Other: - Excellent English communication skills (oral and written) (R)
- Theoretical understanding of “Algorithm” (R)
- Ability to understand Codes from the Code itself (R)
- In-depth knowledge of “Client-Server Architecture” (R)
- In-depth knowledge of OSI Layer Model (R)
- Strong Critical Reasoning (R)
- Ability to meet critical deadline (R)

Note: Please include some past projects that the applicant is very proud of or a Github Account that contains past public projects.
Please memorize for the interview at least 3 Major Algorithms with their Big-O Notation and how to implement it. The Algorithm must exist under Cormen/CLRS (MIT Press) or Robert Sedgewick’s Algorithm Textbooks.

Chennai INDIA
No of Position: 
As per industry standards
IT - Software / Software Services
Functional Area: 
IT Software - Application Programming , Maintenance
Role Category: 
IT / Software
Technical Program Management Officer