Vija Arun
Chief Executive Officer, India

Vijai, started his journey with us in 2007 as the “General Manager” with 16 employees and only 10 MSC agencies. Under his able and farsighted guidance, the company has been growing from strength to strength.

It is because of his astute thinking and an untiring eye for detail that Today the Company has over 600 employees (still growing) and 67 agencies to the Credit. With solid overarching experience and been a Technopreneur, he came up with new product of End-to-End shipping solution along with Financials with the latest Technologies. Additionally he is also contributing in the new initiative of MSC Global Solution “OneVision” and Digitalization.

Vijai has a master’s degree in “Computer Application” from University of Madras with distinction. He is a hard core Oracle techie and also guides the architect team whenever required. He has extensive business knowledge of various domains like “Shipping”, “Warehousing” & “Retail”. When not working Vijai, could be off-roading. He also devotes his time working for social organizations. He is an avid movie buff and is mostly updated with the latest happenings in the tinsel town. He is the middle child out of three siblings. He hails from a family of armed forces, his father being an Ex-Army personnel, his highly disciplined life style can be attributed to his family background. He is a proud father of 2 sons and his better half is a homemaker.