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Job Description

"Key Responsibilities:
Requirement Gathering:
Engage with users to identify the Gaps in the application which needs to be rolled out.
Arrange for the necessary setup in the system to meet the requirements.
If enhancement is expected for the identified Gaps, arrange for the documentation and coordinate further with Development and testing teams until it is tested and deployed in the testing environment.

Quality and Timely Delivery:
Follow-up with the Development team on the Timely delivery of the items.
Validate the Testing performed by QA team.
Perform Functional testing and ensure End to End application flow
Identify and resolve any defects or issues discovered during testing, working closely with the development team.

User Training and Support:
Provide training sessions and workshops to end-users, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of the respective domain process flow.
Offer Post Go live support to address user queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance on system usage.

Project Management:
Collaborate with project managers to define project scope, timelines, and deliverables.
Provide regular updates on implementation progress, risks or challenges, and propose mitigation strategies.

Task Delegation & Mentoring:
Able to handle team 
Delegate tasks to the team members based on their proficiency.
Follow-up on the completion of tasks based on priority and deadlines.
Mentor the team members on their continuous improvement."

Should Possess excellent communication skills and attention to detail.
Positive attitude to interact with stakeholders and handle the project needs.

Good To Have:
Knowledge on API's, EDI's
Depot Operations
Understanding of software development lifecycle (SDLC) methodologies and best practices
As a Lead, your primary responsibility is to oversee the successful deployment and implementation of the application within the Depot. You will collaborate with various stakeholders, including Project Manage

Chennai INDIA
No of Position