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As a service provider, the CSD team provides support to over 60 agencies across the globe. They interacts with the agency users in order to provide timely support and offer services 24 x 7 to meet the demanding deadlines of the shipping business & principal requirements.

They are vigilant and constantly keep an eagle’s eye on the helpdesk tracking system to attend to the users instantly. They work in three shifts so that all the region agencies are being provided superior support and do not face any crises. Internal tool has been created to monitor number of ticket raised in each shift and to ensure co-ordination between the shifts. Each shift consists of lead and senior people to support the executives to handle agency query without any difficulty. Similarly Agencies are provided with a tool to report their queries/clarification. If any technical assistance is required to provide solution for user query, then technical team will be approached. If any functional assistance is required, then respective functional team will be approached. Based on that, this team ensures the respective ticket will be closed.