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We help MSC businesses deploy SAP solutions globally as part of MSC SAP CCOE Team .Our SAP delivery team consist of mostly SAP Certified consultants with SAP business transformation experience in offshore and near-shore SAP services. SAP Implementation Project is called “Vespucci” and it comes from the desire to engage with final user through a more dynamic and “to-the-point” approach. In parallel of SAP implementation we are also working on Scanning and Archiving solution with Open Text.

Cyclone (Axway) is used to exchange files securely between MSC Geneva and agencies like Bookings, Container moves, DTX, Shipping Instructions, SAP and other proprietary format files. It is the standard tool used by MSC in the most MSC agencies.
Administration would include installation, migration and upgrade of recent version axway application, adding and maintaining partner profiles, adding users, adding schedules, maintaining certificates, configuring new transport methods, etc…