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The team works relentlessly to ensure the office functions with ease and facilitates all administrative support to employees. 

The HR team do go far beyond recruitment activities, conducting regular one-to-one sessions with employees to understand their needs and to give them an opportunity to voice their concerns or opinions.

Financial Management could include: 
- Lead annual budget preparations in coordination with relevant program managers 
- Analyze financial statements, making appropriate advice 
- Supervise the maintenance of accounting systems and data, and the presentation of financial data for both internal managerial purposes and external reporting requirements 
- Ensure finance compliance and consistency with policies and procedures 
- Support the project team by establishing office management policies 
- Develop and implement financial policies and procedures for project 
- Develop and implement document “audit-ready” 
- Monitor financial budget and project 
- Other

Administrative responsibilities could include: 
- Manage planning, meeting, act as the point person 
- Manage contract, projects and deadline, perform cost reduction research 
- Ensure infrastructure needs are met, including properly functioning IT equipment, routine maintenance, security. 
- Support teams or lead administrative teams 
- Other

HR responsibilities could include: 
- Serve as strategic partner to senior management by integrating HR strategies into the organization’s overall mission and operational strategy 
- Handle the Recruitment process: from the beginning to the end 
- Manage and approve employment contracts in coordination with managers 
- Perform difficult staffing duties and human resource risk management 
- Oversee administration of human resources, including but not limited to, maintaining personnel files, recruitments and orientation procedures, purchasing and maintaining adequate health and other insurance policies, etc.; 
- Plan and conduct new employer branding 
- Other